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Blue Mars Cities can be subdivided into Blocks, Shops, and Residences for resale

Land Structure

There is a hierarchical relationship to space inside of Blue Mars. The world is made up of themed Cities managed by independent developers. These Cities can be subdivided into Blocks which can be further divided into Shops and Residences.

Becoming a reseller

Developers who have purchased a City from Avatar Reality can offer Blocks, Shop, and Residences for sale to other developers. These areas can be vacant or highly developed and prices are set by the City Developer.

City Developers are responsible for providing technical support to their customers, merging Block data with the overall City structure, publishing new areas to the online world. City Developers can add value to their offering by providing high quality asset libraries, preset construction, communal attractions, and custom interfaces.

Please contact with any questions you may have regarding reselling Blue Mars services.


Service > Resellers

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