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Blue Mars Pricing

Updated Jan. 13, 2011 -- To share content like items, buildings, games, and activities on Blue Mars, you will need to rent a City, Block, or Shop.  To order a city, please click here, or click the Get Started button below.  If you do not have a developer account, you need to create one first.  If you have any questions, please email

Rent for Shops and Blocks are paid with Blue Dollars. You can purchase developer Blue Dollars through your Developer MyPage after you register and sign in as a developer.

Features Shops Blocks Larger Projects
Land Size Set by Block Developer Set by City Developer User Defined
Concurrent Users Based on hosting plan Based on hosting plan 50+ *
Blocks - One block

Contact us:

Tel: 808-954-6150

Shops One Shop Based on Block size
Support Contact the Block Developer Contact the City Developer
Pricing Lease Now button Lease Now button
Important Notes:
  • Visit our Real Estate Marketplace to lease a Block or Shop at reasonable rates.

  • Tip: Hosting service is not required to begin development. Our developer tools are free to use even if you don’t have service. Once you’re ready to upload, you can pick the hosting plan that’s right for you.

  • * Please contact us if you need 4,000 or more concurrent users (CCU).

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Revenue Sharing

Developers receive 75% of transactions using Blue Mars Dollars.

Land Size

In Blue Mars, developers of all sizes are free to build on as much space as they need. The recommended maximum terrain size for a City is 8 km by 8 km due to technical considerations. For the best performance, we recommend that City developers build on a terrain that is 4 square kilometers or less (for example 2 km x 2 km). The apparent size of a City is virtually unlimited. Although Avatars cannot venture beyond the boundaries of the terrain, landscape features like water, mountains, and sky can extend to the horizon past the terrain.

Included City Data

Avatar Reality is extending the amount of included City Data from the standard 250MB to 1GB. City Data represents the total compressed file size of all content inside a city.


Service > Pricing & Purchase

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